European Food Service Company (EFSC) was founded in 2001 in Latvia. Since then, expanding and creating a network of branches, we have repeatedly transformed our own structures into a food supply chain that is specializing on supplying food to major Ship-chandler companies in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Namibia.

          Today we are one of the largest companies specializing in ship supply services and food supplies in Latvia. Our main warehouse and head office is located in Liepaja, Latvia. In 2011, the company opened a warehouse and office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the Canary Islands), which significantly expanded our supply region and allowed us to become a global player on the market of food supply services and safety workwear. 

          We collaborate with renowned suppliers and manufacturers who have been supplying the marine industry for many years. As a consequence, we can guarantee the satisfaction with the goods and services we provide. Customer  satisfaction is our priority; therefore, we continually extend the scope of our services to make them more comprehensive.

In recent years we have started to specialise into supplying workwear and safety shoes for ship crew and factory workers.

          Our main know how is supplying shared cargo containers with various food provisions (dry food, frozen food, pickles) to our customers.