European Food Service Company

Founded in 2001 in Latvia

European Food Service Company (EFSC) was founded in 2001 in Latvia. Since then, expanding and creating a network of branches, we have repeatedly transformed our own structures into a food supply chain that is specializing on supplying food to major Ship-chandler companies in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Namibia.

          Today we are one of the largest companies specializing in ship supply services and food supplies in Latvia. Our main warehouse and head office is located in Liepaja, Latvia. In 2011, the company opened a warehouse and office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the Canary Islands), which significantly expanded our supply region and allowed us to become a global player on the market of food supply services and safety workwear. 

          We collaborate with renowned suppliers and manufacturers who have been supplying the marine industry for many years. As a consequence, we can guarantee the satisfaction with the goods and services we provide. Customer  satisfaction is our priority; therefore, we continually extend the scope of our services to make them more comprehensive.

In recent years we have started to specialise into supplying workwear and safety shoes for ship crew and factory workers.

          Our main know how is supplying shared cargo containers with various food provisions (dry food, frozen food, pickles) to our customers.

Why do business with European Food Service Company?
EFSC is a leading food distributor that leads the industry in providing the means for its suppliers to expand their customer base and maximize their business potential. We work with all of our suppliers on a continual basis to support their business goals and ensure that their products are available to hundreds of customers on a timely basis.
Become a Supplier
We are pleased to learn that you are interested in becoming a supplier with us. The process of becoming a supplier is straightforward. Please follow the detailed instructions below in order.

  1. Supplier sends the description of items with pictures and cost, contact name, method of storage to email:
  2. The supplier sends a production case sample to: Barinu street 27, Liepaja, Latvia,LV-3411
  3. The New Item is evaluated and if the request is approved then  Approval notification is sent back to supplier.
  4. After receiving the case samples the product is included into our database.

Autonomous powered refrigerator container that can be used as a mobile warehouse.

Our team can also offer diesel powered refrigerator containers for safe delivery of goods in the locations where electricity is not available, or power blackouts are frequent. A diesel generator is able to run a container for up to 5 days without the need to refill fuel.
EFSC offers to buy or rent refrigerator containers, of course always after a comprehensive expert consultation.
We also offer repair and maintenance for generators, containers and reefers.

What Can Generator Do For A Container
Depending on the type and contents of the container, you may need constant electricity during transport and storage. At typical logistics locations, there are usually sufficient power connections. Likewise, many means of transport are able to supply your containers with electricity or a reefer container with cold air. However, individual vehicles or intermediate storage facilities do not always have a power connection.
Furthermore, this solution can be used on railways since trains usually does not provide solutions for reef containers.
In such cases, a generator for containers can provide relief for all temperature-controlled transports, since in this way a reliable and independent energy source is available for use as required.

Generators For Reefer Containers
With a generator, you ensure that your cooling containers are available at all times, regardless of the location. This allows you to actively prevent a possible interruption of the cold chain and prevent spoilage of the goods.
For refrigerated transports, a generator is the ideal solution to provide a complete power supply to a cooling unit.

How Much Does A Generator Cost?
Buying or renting from us is possible depending on whether you have a temporary or permanent need for a generator.
The purchase of a generator can cost several thousand euros, completely integrated container solution is also available.
Container Generators For Sale
These generators have different features and performance levels. We would be happy to advise you on the details in order to find a generator that fully meets your requirements.
If you need a generator on short notice, or if you want to test it first, please send us a rental inquiry.